“I am in a shelter that is keeping me safe from all the negative things.” | African Green Jasper


Protection • Safe Sleep • Psychic Protection


Green Jasper is an excellent talisman for those coping with paranoid delusions, entity attachments, or who feel overwhelmed by nightmares. Wear or carry as a rubbing stone to ward off negative energy, bring reassurance, and help restore inner calm. Throughout history, the African Jasper has been prominent as the “Supreme Nurturer”. This stone has been utilized and sacred by individuals all over the world.

African Green Jasper Healing Crystal Necklace Chocker 4mm Beads


    • Hand-made
    • Adjustable
    • Charm size varies due to each stone in a natural shape
    • Genuine gemstone
    • Natural color variance may occur
    • Gold colored stainless steel